Pledge for road safety: tools and resources

Anyone can make the Brake Pledge. It enables everyone, especially drivers, to pledge to do their bit to stop road crashes, build happier communities, and help save the planet. It's therefore a great tool you can use to promote safer road use during your Road Safety Week and year-round. 

The Pledge asks people to commit to six key points to protect themselves and others, by driving safely, encouraging others to drive safely, and by driving less or not at all: slow, sober, sharp, silent, secure, sustainableRead and make the Pledge.

You can use the Pledge by asking people to sign it - drivers, families, teenagers, staff members, children or anyone else. It can be used in workplaces and community centres, at events and roadshows, in bulletins and online, or in schools and colleges. You can ask people to make the Pledge online at, or on paper using a form (including the Pledge messages), or by creating a giant display in a public place where people sign post-it notes or create hand-prints and add these to show they have made the Pledge.

You can also use the six points of the Pledge as the focus of a road safety workshop for drivers in your organisation or community. Brake runs free webinars on doing this. Book a place on a Pledge webinar.

You could even use the Pledge, or one of its points, as the theme of your Road Safety Week, and the messages you communicate. Read our guide on road safety publicity and media work

Pledge resources

The resources below can be downloaded and used to promote the Pledge in your Road Safety Week or at any other time. Also see the tools & resources menu page for resources on each topic in the Pledge.


Bpledge 'Pledge to save lives’, covering the six Pledge points, poster by Brake: English - French - Spanish - Portuguese - Russian
Btragedies 'No more tragedies' poster by Brake: 20mph version: English - French - Spanish - Portuguese - Russian - 30km/h version: English - French - Spanish - Portuguese - Russian

Other tools and resources

makepledge  'Make the Brake Pledge' web page where people can read and make the Pledge online:
makepledge 'Make the Brake Pledge'print-out form. Display this form at events and encourage people to sign the pledge and commit to safe road-use
 Bpledgetool 'Make the Brake Pledge' image, to help you promote the Pledge online, at events and in publications
 Bworkshop Pledge webinars: free one-and-a half-hour online courses by Brake, training you to deliver workshops for drivers on the Brake Pledge

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