Company case study – Lietuvos Draudimas

Lietuvos Draudimas (LD) is a Lithuanian insurance company. It has run a road safety program since 1999 and now coordinates three annual road safety days at different times of the year focusing on: child road safety; driver education; and aggressive driving or ‘road rage’.

‘Secure Me’, LD’s child road safety campaign, has been held each year since 1999 and runs in August and September to coincide with the start of the school year. A press conference is organised involving high profile figures such as the Mayor of (capital city) Vilnius, to promote the campaign through the media. LD employees then go to participating schools to talk to children about road safety and give out reflective jackets. Additionally, LD offers free personal accident insurance to all Lithuanian children for the month of September.

In 2010, LD started running a ‘National Driver’s Test’ road safety day, which is now held every April. Drivers are invited to take an exam at town halls or online on a particular topic of road traffic regulations such as cyclists on the road or roundabouts. This is to demonstrate to the public that to be a safe road user, they need to fully understand and comply with road traffic regulations.

LD has secured partnerships with various government departments to support their activity including the Transport Ministry, the Road Administration and several local government agencies as well as Lithuania’s biggest online news website.

LD’s road safety activities are generally well participated with over 3,000 people completing the National Driver’s Test and 370,000 children covered with free personal accident cover as part of ‘Secure Me’.

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