Company case study: Nestlé Road Safety Week

NestleRSW3Nestlé Road Safety Week took place at its global headquarters in Switzerland to celebrate and coincide with the international day of ‘Safety & Health at work’ in April 2014, which is coordinated by the International Labour Organization.

Each day of the week focused on a different theme, including being healthy and fit to drive, distracted driving, seatbelts, safety at roundabouts and awareness of vulnerable road users such as cyclists.

The Week included exhibitions, interactive animations, information sessions, round table discussions and workshops to engage staff such as:

  • floor signs highlighting car stopping distances on a walkway
  • eyesight checks for drivers.
  • drink-driving prevention activities including experiencing the effects using alcohol goggles
  • car and powered two wheeler driving simulators
  • cocktail bar with alcohol free drinks to promote the don’t drink and drive message
  • discussion panel on Road Safety with Nestlé senior leaders including group risk and sales, supported by external experts from the Global Road Safety Partnership, Swiss Police and Zurich Risk Engineering
  • award Ceremony for the winners of Nestlé colleague and family member road safety photo and drawing competitions
  • an interactive touch wall, hosted by insurers Zurich and risk management company Interactive Driving Systems, showing how cognitive, visual, and manual distractions, including mobile phone use, affect driver reaction times and judgment
  • a crashed car was positioned in the car park to show the impact of a crash
  • roll-over car demonstration by the Swiss Police to show what happens when a car rolls over
  • seat belt simulator to show the benefits of wearing a safety belt in low-speed collisions
  • demonstrations on safety at roundabouts.

Insurance company Zurich and risk management company Interactive Driving Systems were involved in the delivery in some of the above activities.

Paul Sudell, director of global operations at Interactive Driving Systems, said: ‘This was an excellent event and it’s great to see Nestlé leading the way for large corporate organisations with its Road Safety Week – involving employees, family members and their children in road safety. Not only is this great for Nestlé corporate social responsibility, it also provides a showcase to inspire other organisations around the world to do similar work to improve road safety.’

Andy Price, practice leader – Europe, motor fleet at Zurich Risk Engineering, added: ‘We were delighted to help deliver some of the activities during the week. Dedicating this much time and effort to raising awareness about road safety issues demonstrates how Nestlé recognises that its driving activities represent the biggest risk to the safety of its employees and members of the public, and shows its on-going commitment to reducing crashes.’

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