National Case study: Botswana Road Safety Week

BotswanaRSW1Botswana’s Road Safety Week is a biennial event coinciding with the UN Global Road Safety Week and was first held in 2013 with the theme of pedestrian safety. It is organised by the Department of Road Transport and Safety.

The DRTS work with a range of stakeholders to make the week successful including: World Health Organisation; police; local government; schools and universities; churches; charities; and companies.

The Week begins with a march through the capital city, Gaborone, with a large Road Safety Week banner and local children holding placards with pedestrian safety messages such as “Look out for kids”, “Drivers, look out for pedestrians” and “Choose safe places for crossing roads”. This is followed by speeches from senior politicians.

Road Safety Week is used to launch and publicise year round road safety initiatives including public transport modernization projects, plans to improve road safety measures including pedestrian crossings and signage, and educational campaigns.

District road safety committees observe Road Safety Week by running:

  • a ‘Safe Scholar Crossings Program’, where school children are given lessons on walking to school in the safest way possible
  • roadshows at shopping malls to engage the public with road safety messages
  • increased enforcement by traffic police
  • a media campaign including TV, radio and newspaper adverts promoting the Week
  • a competition and road safety quiz for children through schools

Companies contribute to Road Safety Week by funding promotional activities including adverts in the media, public engagement events and flyers. Companies also run their own internal activities, for example, staff of Majwe Mining run a ‘No vehicles to work’ day during the Week, encouraging staff to walk to work if possible.

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