National case study: German Road Safety Day

dvr1Germany’s Road Safety Council (DVR) was founded in 1969 as an independent institution providing expertise in road safety. DVR works with national and European governments and institutions to improve road safety across Germany.

Road Safety Day (Tag der Verkehrssicherheit) has been held every third Saturday of June since 1995. DVR calls upon all of its members, plus organizations, institutions, cities and towns, businesses, social institutions and all other interested parties to organise events promoting road safety. The centrepiece of Road Safety Day are the major public events that are organised at central locations in cities and towns under the slogan “Working together for more safety” (“Gemeinsam für mehr Sicherheit").

DVR encourages organizations such as schools, local authorities, community groups and businesses to hold smaller-scale action around the country. Participation also comes from members of DVR, who include: transport-related government departments; the German Road Safety Volunteer Organisation (Deutsche Verkehrswacht); automobile clubs; vehicle manufacturers; insurers; passenger transport operators; employers’ associations; trade unions; and churches.

Anyone is free to organise their own Road Safety Day event. There are no stipulations as to exact content, specific road safety themes or target groups, and participants can register their own events on the website. In 2013, events have included:

  • Theme days and road safety classes at childcare facilities and schools.
  • The German Institute for Quality Improvement (DIQ) provided safe driving training to 18-24-year-old road users at the Nürburgring racing circuit.
  • The Nördlingen Volunteer Fire Brigade and the Bavarian Red Cross performed a rescue exercise at the Bavarian Road Safety Day event.

DVR provides resources including logos, checklists for organising events, poster templates, and advice for running events, and also information and pictures relating to past Road Safety Days. All resources are available to download from a dedicated Road Safety Day website.

The Road Safety Day has become an integral part of DVR's road safety work since 2005. It grew from 59 regional events and eight national events in 2005 to 83 regional events and 12 national events in 2013.

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