Community case study: Road Safety Club India


Road Safety Club is a community group based in Hyderabad, India, committed to reducing road deaths and serious injuries locally. RSC was established in 2013 and ran its first Road Safety Week in 2014 as part of India’s National Road Safety Week.

RSC seek to engage members of the local community during Road Safety Week including schools, companies, local universities, other community groups and public officials.

The week begins with an inauguration ceremony held by RSC and the deputy commissioner of police at a local school. During the ceremony, the deputy transport commissioner speaks to officially open the event and lend their support to Road Safety Week. A road safety awareness session is held at the school for nearly 1000 participants.

Participating schools are invited to attend road safety training events organised by RSC in conjunction with local traffic police. Teachers are encouraged to run lessons dedicated to road safety and RSC invite pupils to enter a competition to design the best road safety poster. Children from a number of Hyderabad schools conduct road shows in various parts of the city, encouraging road users to follow traffic regulations.

A road safety march is organised for schools and the general public in conjunction with other organisations including the Motor Vehicle Inspectors Association and the Indian Development Foundation.

National and local companies work with RSC to promote road safety to their staff. Training sessions are offered to companies with fleets reinforcing the need for their drivers to behave responsibly on the road.

Road Safety Week resources are provided by RSC, Motor Vehicle Inspectors Association and the Indian Development Foundation including posters and banners to promote the Week. Resources are also available from the National Safety Council.

The initiative has been very effective in boosting year-round engagement with the Road Safety Club: its membership almost doubled in the weeks following on from Road Safety Week.

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