Company case study: Drive Safely Work Week – Network of Employers for Traffic Safety

Drive Safely Work Week in the USA is organised by the Network of Employers for Traffic Safety (NETS) every October. NETS is a non-profit partnership of private and public organisations committed to road safety, with members including The Coca-Cola Company, Shell, Johnson & Johnson, and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The event was first held in 1996, and has become one of the biggest events in the road safety calendar for many employers in the USA.

The Week focuses on at-work road safety, and the responsibilities of employers to protect their staff and the public through road safety training and awareness. There is a different theme each year; recent themes include “Driving your safety culture home” and “Gear up for safe driving – mind, body, vehicle”.

Participating organisations fill in a registration form and are sent a toolkit including posters and banners, as well as ideas to implement road safety initiatives that mean the key messages of the Week are considered all year round. Posters and banners are also downloadable from NETS’ Drive Safely Work Week website, and employers can access more comprehensive guidance on implementing road safety programmes through a low-cost toolkit.

Throughout the Week, NETS shares activities and tips for employers on its social media channels. These cover a different topic each day, including distractions, tiredness, eyesight and safe commuting. Employers are encouraged to engage their staff on the daily topics throughout the Week. These have included:

  • ensuring any staff participating in conference calls are not driving;
  • appointing road safety ‘ambassadors’ within the organisation (NETS suggests the employee with the best road safety record) to deliver presentations to other staff who drive and share best practice; and
  • encouraging road safety outside of work by giving employees resources designed for families, included in the toolkit, for them to take home to encourage safe road-use by all the family.

NETS enlists the help of other organisations to help promote the Week including national government departments (for example the US General Services Administration and the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention), state transport administrations, and specialist industry bodies. This means that, between companies working in specific industries, discussions can be facilitated and best practice shared.

On average, around 3,500 organisations - representing nearly 16.5 million employees - participate in Drive Safely Work Week, making it one of the most widely participated road safety events in the country.

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