National case study: Greece Road Safety Week

pedestrian cross painted 2Greece’s Road Safety Week is organised by the Road Safety Institute (R.S.I.) “Panos Mylonas” and the Hellenic Institute of Transportation Engineers every March. The event was first held in 2007 and draws participants from across the country. It aims to engage families and communities, local government, emergency services professionals, educators and companies. Usually, the theme of the Week focuses on road safety issues that have been a problem on Greece’s roads the previous year.

The week begins with a conference on road safety hosted by the Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport and Networks in Athens, attended by officials and stakeholders from public and private sector and citizens.

Additionally, during the Conference, R.S.I. awards the Greek Traffic Policeman of the year. The Institute has presented this award each year since 2007.

R.S.I organises events in public spaces in cities across Greece. These include a driving simulator, seat belt sledge, rollover simulator, alcohol goggles, and a game that simulates distracted driving. The public use the equipment to learn about key road safety topics. RSI also invite high school students to their headquarters to use their driving simulators and other road safety equipment.

Events organised in partnership with other organisations as part of the Week include:

  • Raising public awareness with R.S.I's mobile road safety unit in public spaces in Greek cities
  • Organising blood donations 
  • Volunteers run road safety education programmes in schools, using road scenes set up in playgrounds.
  • Distance learning programmes in Greek high schools.
  • The University of Patras awards a scholarship in memory of Panos Mylonas, an engineering student and motoring journalist who was killed in a car crash.
  • Students from the Athens School of Fine Art display road safety-themed artwork at the scholarship presentation ceremony.
  • The sleep unit of the Saint Pavlos General Hospital organises a conference as part of World Sleep Day which falls around the time of Road Safety Week, and invites a speaker from R.S.I. to raise awareness of driver fatigue.
  • “European Day of Courtesy on the Road” campaign with the distribution of informative material from all motorways throughout the country and relevant radio messages broadcasting.
  • The Directorate of Primary Education and Secondary Education of Greek regions, along with local police forces and local communities, organise events on road safety, such as: painting pedestrian crossings; distributing leaflets to drivers; and round table meetings attended by the public and local businesses.

A promotional campaign is run by RSI. Radio broadcasts are aired about Road Safety Week and promoting safe road use. Local authorities, police forces and public transport coordinators assist with promoting the Week by distributing leaflets in their areas.

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