Community case study: West Attica Road Safety Week, Greece

attica2Since 2012, the community road safety group Kouros has organised three week-long road safety events each year in the West Attica region of Greece. They hold one in May, one in September, and one in winter. These events are supported by Megara City Council, and by organisations including the Directorate of Primary Education of West Attica, the Federation of Motor Sports Associations and the Motorcycle’s Athletic Federation of Greece.

The events in May and September are held in cooperation with the Road Safety Institute (RSI), and encourage safe driving in the community. RSI sets up demonstrations in public places focusing on various road safety messages. These include: a ‘seat belt sledge’ to encourage people to wear seat belts; a braking reaction test carried out on, specialist equipment, to show drivers the need to slow down and be vigilant behind the wheel; and a driving simulator that simulates drink and drug driving to demonstrate the dangers of driving after alcohol or drugs. Kourus produces an educational leaflet for each event that is handed out with information about staying safe.

The winter event educates children and young people on road safety issues. Volunteers from Kouros and a local motorcycle club deliver sessions for children aged four to 15 on road safety basics and safe cycling. As part of these sessions, the volunteers set up pretend street scenes at schools, in playgrounds, and in public places, using cones and road signs for the children to cycle around, making the lessons interactive. Lessons on road user behaviour are delivered to groups of young people aged 13 to 18 in schools and colleges, with the aim of encouraging them to behave in the safest possible way on the roads.

The events are very successful with thousands of people participating in the road safety demonstrations and receiving educational leaflets, and hundreds of children and young people attending the classes and lectures.

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