Company case study - RSA Group: Responsible Driving Movement

INTOUCH, a Russian insurance company, and part of the RSA Group, has coordinated the Responsible Driving Movement in Russia since 2012. As part of the Movement, they run two large safe driving campaigns a year, one in spring and one in autumn, each lasting approximately a month. The campaigns cover a range of road safety issues including speeding and child road safety.

As part of these road safety awareness months, INTOUCH display billboards in Moscow with road safety messages for drivers. There is also a Responsible Driving Movement website where drivers are invited to share their acts of safe driving which are then published on a large digital screen in Moscow, thanking participants for driving responsibly.

As well as engaging drivers, INTOUCH use the campaign to educate children about road safety, and organize lessons in Moscow schools on road safety including road safety theory lessons, fun activities, and demonstrations from INTOUCH partners including traffic police.

The Movement is promoted online through INTOUCH’s websites and there is also a dedicated Facebook page for the Movement, with regular competitions to increase engagement and followers. A press conference is organized, with INTOUCH announcing the focus of the campaign and attendees are encouraged to sign the ‘Manifesto of the Movement’ which states the aims and value of the campaign.

Over the duration of each campaign, INTOUCH involve around 200 employees and are able to engage more than eight million people across Russia with the messages of the Movement.

INTOUCH gain a large amount of exposure to potential customers through the Responsible Driving Movement, and are able to develop their image as a responsible insurer that is concerned about road safety.

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