National case study: Cyprus Road Safety Week

Road Safety Week in Cyprus is held every October and is coordinated by the Traffic Department of Cyprus Police. It focuses on raising awareness among the public and engaging children with important road safety messages, and has a distinct theme each year, for example, pedestrian safety. The Week is organized in collaboration with, and sponsored by, CNP Insurance, a large insurance company in Cyprus.

Activities coordinated for Road Safety Week include:

  • an open day for children at the police station, with road safety related games and activities, as well as an exhibition of traffic police resources including police cars and speed radar guns
  • a Traffic Day exhibition at a major mall, organized in cooperation with Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation, to engage the public. Road safety messages are broadcast live over the radio, road safety information is offered to the public, and there are children’s activities such as road safety games and face painting
  • members of the Traffic Department go into schools to deliver lessons on road safety for children related to the theme of the Week
  • a Road Safety Walk for children, supervised by parents, teachers, and traffic police, allowing the children to put in to practice the road safety lessons delivered by the police.

The Week is promoted across the media, with traffic police appearing on TV and radio to talk about road safety and promote messages connected to the theme.

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