Company case study: Unitrans Botswana

The Botswana operation of Unitrans, a South Africa based logistics company, is active in Botswana’s Road Safety Week, organised biennially by the Department of Road Transport and Safety. With their vehicles covering approximately 1.7 million kilometres in Botswana every month, road safety is a key issue to them, and they are active members of the country’s National Road Safety Committee.

Unitrans run community engagement activities during Road Safety Week to encourage safer road use among the public, and a greater appreciation of the road safety risks around trucks. This includes:

  • a simulation exercise in major cities, demonstrating to passers-by a HGV      crash and emergency services response
  • producing flyers to distribute to the public promoting the Week
  • an educational project, in partnership with the Motor Vehicle Accident Fund (a public body set up by the government set up to ensure a minimum standard of insurance cover for all drivers), to teach primary school children the basics of road safety, including safe walking and wearing seatbelts, and safe driving issues such as mobile phone use at the wheel, speeding, drink-driving, and road rage, so they can encourage their parents to behave safely on the road.

For Unitrans, Road Safety Week is one element of a comprehensive year-round road safety strategy that aims to ensure its company drivers are as safe as possible. This includes regular driver training, a ‘toolbox’of information and advice on safe driving provided weekly to all drivers, and using ‘driver-cams’ to identify and stamp out any unsafe behaviour among drivers.

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