National case study: Benin Week of Road Courtesy

beninRSW1The Week of Road Courtesy in Benin is organised by the Beninese NGO, Alinagnon, and held annually in March. It is part of the International Week of Road Courtesy coordinated by French NGO, Association Francaise de Prevention des Comportements sur la Route.

Representatives from Alinagnon go into schools in Cotonou, Benin’s largest city, and deliver lessons on road safety to children covering how to stay safe when walking to school.

Following an assembly by Alinagnon, an awareness raising demonstration is held outside the schools where the children gather in high-visibility jackets with posters and banners urging drivers to behave safely and courteously on the road. Under the supervision of teachers and Alinagnon staff, the children talk to members of the public about the Week of Road Courtesy. Through this, over 5,000 drivers are reached with the message of the Week, which is for all road users to follow the rules of the road and to show courtesy to each other.

Alinagnon also encourages students in schools and universities to form road safety clubs. After training from Alinagnon, members of these clubs deliver awareness raising sessions to other students about the importance of road safety. They can also set up film screenings, debates and presentations for parents about road safety. The goal is to empower young people to educate their peers and wider community about road safety, and ensure the messages of the Week of Road Courtesy are communicated year round.

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