National case study: Road Safety Week India

National Road Safety Week in India is organised every January by the National Safety Council of India (NSC). The NSC is an autonomous body set up by the Indian government to engage the public on safety, health and environment issues. Road safety is a major public health concern for authorities in India, with more than 139,000 road deaths in 2012. Casualties in India account for about 10% of road deaths worldwide. India’s Ministry of Road Transport & Highways encourages regional governments to take the lead on Road Safety Week initiatives and provides a list of suggested activities to promote road safety in their region. The Ministry allocates a budget to each state to help them organise these activities and engage the public.

A theme is chosen for Road Safety Week each year. The 2014 theme was ‘When on the road, always say Pehle Aap (you first)’ and aimed to encourage drivers to take a more considerate attitude towards fellow road users. 2013 Road Safety Week’s theme was ‘Stay alive, don’t drink and drive’.

The NSC, along with regional governments, encourages organisations such as schools and colleges, community groups, emergency services professionals and businesses to participate in Road Safety Week activities. Groups such as the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers and the International Road Federation have also had involvement in the past.

In previous years participation has included:

  • Increased checks by traffic police for speeding and drink-driving
  • Distributing high-visibility reflector tape to cyclists to reduce incidents involving bicycles
  • Road safety awareness days in schools
  • Running training on road safety for professionals who drive at work.

The Ministry of Road Transport & Highways also asks each state government to organise a ‘Road Safety Walk’ involving schools, colleges and key stakeholder groups including traffic police and local transport departments. The NSC provides a range of Road Safety Week resources to participants including posters, banners, badges and videos.

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