#SaveKidsLives – Third UN Global Road Safety Week

SaveKidsLivesEvery day, 500 children lose their lives and thousands more are injured in road crashes globally. Get involved in the Third UN Global Road Safety Week, 4-10 May 2015, and help #SaveKidsLives.

The #SaveKidsLives theme highlights dangers facing children on roads around the world and calls on road safety policy makers and advocates to take action to protect children.

Governments & NGOs, companies, schools & colleges and local agencies & groups can all get involved in Global Road Safety Week, and promote safer road use to protect children and prevent needless deaths and injuries.

Use the resources below, along with the information on the #SaveKidsLives campaign website, to take part in the Third UN Global Road Safety Week. Register your event with the United Nations Road Safety Collaboration, and they’ll list it on their calendar of events. After the Week, share your event with Brake, and we’ll include it on our map of Road Safety Week events.


slowerspeedsENG Slower speeds = happy people: English - French - Spanish - Portuguese - Russian.
saferoads Stay safe near roads: English - French - Spanish - Portuguese - Russian.


 TNbanner4 'Slow down' (with 20 mph)
 TNbanner2 'Slow down' (with 30 km/h)
 TNbanner6 'Slower speeds =  happy people' (with 20 mph)
 TNbanner7 'Slower speeds =  happy people' (with 30 km/h)

Other resources

If you work with children, use Brake’s introductory guide to teaching road safety with lesson and activity ideas for different age groups

Use our detailed guide to delivering a successful road safety publicity and media campaign to get your message out there.

Campaign for road safety action in your community with guide to community campaigning.

If your organisation employs drivers, use our guidance on preventing at-work crashes.